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sen_bon_zakura's Journal

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Episode : 666
Destination : Chaos

HELLO EVERYONE!My name is Wafaa [loyalty] but my close friends call me Hitomi. I'm a 25 years old civil engineer and I'm half Egyptian and half Turkish but I spent all my life in a lovely small country in the middle east called the U.A.E. which most of you know as Dubai...lol

I'm a nice person (I believe) who enjoys meeting new friends especially those with common interests...I've got an odd sense of humor (that's what I've been told) so I try to be quiet most of the time although I love long conversations with like minded people.

My passions in life are mostly (actually mainly) artistic...the only reason I took up engineering was to make my parents happy...how typical. But I've recently joined the Fine Arts college in Cairo to get a BA in fine arts which has been my main goal.I love reading and I occasionally write lyrics...I also play guitar,bass,keyboards and cello although my main artistic focus has always been photography.

Hope you guys enjoy talking to me...hugs and kisses to all

mujigae // borellus_mp3 // dressu

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